Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to add a rescued dog to your family

When adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue there are a few things that can help create a smooth transition.

If you already have a dog or dogs it is best to introduce the new dog to the current dog(s) one-on-one in a neutral location.

Bringing the new dog into your home for the first time let them acclimate gradually. Be patient, it may take a couple days to as much as a month for the new dog to feel comfortable in it's new home and with its new family.

Provide the dog with a crate. This gives the dog a safe place it can go to be alone. A crate also allows you to slowly immerse the dog into your everyday life. By confining the dog when you cannot watch them you will limit unwanted behaviors from becoming habits in your home.

Do not make excuses or apologies for bad behavior because the dog was abused or neglected. You are giving the dog a good home and should expect good behavior.

Establish the rules of the house right from the start. Show them what you want and praise them for good behavior.

Start obedience training. This will help you to develop a trusting relationship with the dog while giving the dog the structure of your leadership.

If you see problems get help from the rescue and or a trainer right away. The longer you wait the harder the problem will be to fix.

Enjoy the new member of your family.

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